Codename: we-luckily-had-connectfirst-teach-youth-not-wrong.

The Jester arrived sometime ago, in these lands. And now the philosopher is online.

Venerable Habits of Thought

Yesterday, the JESTER, took on the anger of an OWNER and was kicked out of a coffee house. …

When we met YOU asked what it is I DO. I Bring the Light.

I bring the LIGHT. That is RIGHT. Some of its Dark and Some of its BRIGHT. Try as they MIGHT, they won’t keep me OUT. And ROI, I’ve always been solid, so calm your DOUBTS. HARD TO TRY. But I ain’t SHY. RHYMING with ROI.

I offer you such little…

While we will still be using codenames, until sponsorships decide to remove their veils. We are now going to tell you of some of the places we met during the canvassing portion of the stratagem.

Bestowal (Background)


This name has been gifted to you, as your hard work and humble-mind show…

Uneducated Philosophy

Calgarian, Artist, Philosopher. Looking to restore our local economy through compassion and mediation.

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